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Pricing & Plans

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Video studio services – price plans

Companies that send us inquiries often sell products or services whose value is relatively easy to determine. Film production, be it a few seconds or a few minutes of presentation material, is a complicated and varied process and many factors contribute to its final effect.

Prices and plans video studio Berlin

500-1 000 Euro

This is the most basic option and will likely only have one person working on it. This type of budget may also be appropriate for promotional videos based on coverage of one-day events.

Prices and plans video studio Bologne

1 000-2 000 Euro

At the upper limit of this budget, depending on your needs, on set may appear sound engineer, make-up artist and more lighting or more advanced equipment – such as camera arm. In this option you can also count on the participation of an actor, if necessary. At the stage of postproduction animations or voiceovers may appear.

Prices and plans video studio Monachium

2 000 – 8 000 Euro

This is a very reasonable budget when it comes to producing uncomplicated promotional videos for the internet or for your company’s devices. Here you can already count on a film made on professional film cameras, with the use of the appropriate amount and quality of film lighting and everything else that will be needed to realize the mutually agreed vision.

Prices and plans video studio

8 000 – 40 000 Euro

This is a budget suitable for online commercials or even for broadcasting on television. In this case you can invest in recognizable actors, voiceovers or think about using commercial music in the film. The film crew will certainly be already quite numerous and in terms of post-production you can already count on complex animations. In such a budget, the highest quality cameras and lenses will certainly be used.

Prices and plans video studio Berlin

40 0000 Euro – ∞

This is a budget suitable for producing TV commercials for leading stations. Famous actors, luxurious cars and freely created camera movement are invited to participate – all this is possible. Basically, here we are limited only by imagination, so it would be difficult to write about the production possibilities in such a budget. It is also possible to involve musicians who will create the perfect background music for the production.

Video studio services – film editing

The price list below includes editing in full hd quality (1920 x 1080). The volume of the selected raw material for the actual selection – up to 2 hours of recording.
In case of editing in non-standard resolutions: 4K | 5K | 6-8K | prices are set individually.

Prices and plans video studio berlin


 up to 5 scenes/min
up to 10 scenes/min
up to 15 scenes/min
up to 20 scenes/min
up to 25 scenes/min
Editing: straight cut - no lead or subtitles - no colorizationup to 40,00 up to 80,00up to 120,00up to 160,00up to 200,00
Editing: straight cut with lead without subtitles - basic colouringup to 80,00up to 120,00up to 160,00up to 200,00up to 250,00
Editing: simple cut with foreground and static subtitles - basic colouringup to 120,00up to 160,00up to 200,00up to 250,00up to 300,00
Editing: synchronized cut with subtitles and static lead + colorizationup to 160,00up to 200,00up to 250,00up to 300,00up to 350,00
Editing: synchronized cut with subtitles and lead - dynamic + colorizationup to 200,00up to 250,00up to 300,00up to 350,00up to 400,00
Editing synchronized to 2 cameras with subtitles - foreground - animations - colorizationup to 250,00up to 300,00up to 350,00up to 400,00up to 450,00
Editing synchronized up to 3 cameras - animated opening credits + dynamic subtitles + animation + colorup to 300,00up to 350,00up to 400,00up to 450,00up to 500,00
Prices and plans video studio

Video studio services: livestreaming

The general price list presented below includes all the necessary basic elements related to streaming. Streaming is carried out on free public platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, LinkedIn, Periskop and others on which the client has an account.

Pricing livestream

1 Camera1 static camera, video mixer, up to 4 graphic elements in transmission,300,00
2 Cameras2 static cameras, video mixer, up to 6 graphic elements in transmission,400,00
3 Cameras - MINI3 static cameras, video mixer, vision engineer, camera operator, 600,00
3 Cameras - MAX3 cameras (2 static + one with operator), vision engineer, video mixer, 800,00
3 Cameras - PRO3 cameras (1 static + 2 dynamic with operators), video mixer, vision engineer, Other as above.1000,00
4 Cameras4 static cameras (without operators) other parameters as above1300,00
4 Cameras - MAX4 cameras (3 static + one dynamic with operator)1600,00
5 Cameras - MAX5 Cameras (4 static + one dynamic with operator) Other as above.1800,00


Prices and plans video studio

Prices and plans video studio

Prices and plans video studio

Prices and plans video studio

Prices and plans video studio


Prices and plans video studio

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Prices and plans video studio

Adobe Premiere Pro

Prices and plans video studio

Adobe After Effects

Prices and plans video studio


„A story is like life without the boring part”

— Alfred Hitchcock


For the needs of our clients we can organize a virtual studio with the possibility to personalize the look. We have a wide green screen and appropriate lighting, which will enable our clients to carry out projects with virtual scenography with simultaneous streaming to social media. Studio rental service requires prior reservation. On the premises there are strict sanitary regulations – it is mandatory to wear a protective mask, keep a safe distance and be careful. We recommend that staffing is kept to a minimum to ensure proper safety measures.

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