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About Us

We have been gaining experience in the IT sector since 2005, constantly improving our skills, making us experts in our field.

The history of the company begins in 2015 with the opening of Just Be. as a sole proprietorship which became Kiss The Rat Ltd. in 2019. We combine empathy and technology, which allows us to better understand the needs of Our Clients. We are open to suggestions and offer solutions to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our core business is designing and creating websites and online stores. In both these segments we have extensive experience resulting from the implementation of many projects. Our realizations and projects are distinguished not only by high quality but also by the highest technical level.

IT services

Kiss The Rat is not just about websites. As part of our IT services, a company can get access to a full range of services that pertain to the IT field.

  • Web design
  • Web Shops Design
  • Graphic design services
  • Computer animation Network infrastructure preparation
  • advertising and promotional spots
  • Desktop application programming
  • Constant care over IT area
  • administration of computer networks
  • backup – preparing backup copies
  • data recovery
  • creation of employee e-mails
  • e-marketing activities
  • IT training for employees


Kiss The Rat is a company inspired by magnificent creatures: pet rats. Our philosophy and values can be seen in our actions. When you look at these little friends, you can see that they are very quick learners, have an incredible propensity to apply that knowledge, are stubborn to achieve a goal, are loyal to their handler, and trust them implicitly. They are also pack creatures: a rat cannot be alone. It must have company to play and learn, to sleep together in the house or to clean its fur.

Many elements from the daily lives of these tiny creatures can be found in our company philosophy. We are stubborn in our pursuit of goals, always finding the best and sometimes the simplest solution. We are not afraid of challenges and we like difficult orders.

At Kiss The Rat we also believe that not everything can be achieved alone. Every investment, every project does not have to be done by one person. Someone can specialize in graphic design, and someone in welding, what does not stand in the way of joining forces. It is the same with us. We are specialists in creating websites and online stores, in creating animations and film production. But that doesn’t mean you have to be too. You just need to be a specialist in your industry. Let us join you, let us create together a team that will allow you to achieve your goals: develop your business, promote your product or increase sales of your products.


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Apple Final Cut PRO

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Adobe Premiere Pro

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Adobe After Effects

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OBS – livestreaming nagrania na żywo

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„A story is like life without the boring part”

— Alfred Hitchcock

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KissThe Rat sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Grudziądz, registered in District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna, IX Commercial Department under KRS number: 800236. Share capital: 5000 PLN. NIP: PL9121929099, REGON: 384166361.

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